Your Suit – Pack it or Wear it?

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credit yves le gall
credit yves le gall

We asked two of our bloggers to take two different views on the subject and leave it up to you….

Jake “Very Simple Rule: If your meeting is the day of the flight, you wear it, if it’s the next day, you pack it”. There are caveats to this rule: If it’s a high street suit, you should wear it because it might not recover in time for your meeting the next day. If your meeting is in the tropics, your suit might retain the moisture that keeps it wrinkled.

Other than those two conditions, however, it’s almost always better to fold your suit, shirts, and ties in a way that minimizes wrinkles and should result in a good look the next morning. Most hotel rooms have very warm, dry air, and this combined with steam from the shower actually helps in the straightening of wrinkles.

A tailor in Hong Kong taught me the best way to fold a suit.  Basically, you pull the sleeves and collar of your jacket inside out completely, so you could actually put it on inside out and wear it. Then, keeping the sleeves with the body of the jacket you fold it in half, then half again until it fits in your luggage. Click here to see more…..

Pants and dress shirts are easy, as they can be folded once, then rolled until no fabric is wrinkled, same as a tie. Just make sure that when you reach your destination, you pull your suit out and hang it immediately.

Greg “No contest. Pack it every time providing you have the right luggage!”

The Mission: Identify the perfect luggage which can accommodate 3 suits and five days worth of accessories and toiletries for your business trip. Ideally keep it under £300! A Tall order and where to begin?

Question 1: Should I go with a garment bag or a suitcase?

Question 2: What is the best make and model of the above for my purpose?

I use a wheeled bag designed for hanging garments such as suits, you hang the garment then the case folds in half zipping together. I get some wrinkles but they are gone by the first business day after hanging over night.

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