Why do so many people now buy their shoes online?

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Back in the day buying a new pair of shoes meant trailing around the high street shops but over the past few years, shoe shopping has changed beyond all recognition. Yes, high street shoe shops are still going strong, but increasing numbers of people now prefer to buy their shoes from an online store.

So many shoes, so much choice

One of the main reasons that buying shoes online has become so popular is the incredible choice available. Rather than choosing a pair from a limited stock of designs and sizes, the wealth of online shoe shops has opened up limitless possibilities.

In addition fashion in general has become far more ‘disposable’ than it once was and because of the huge range of low-cost high-fashion footwear online, many people have a bigger selection of styles in their wardrobe. Whereas we might once have had a pair of shoes for work, a pair for weekends and perhaps a pair evening shoes, many of us have shoes which we wear with just one particular outfit. The variety and low prices available online have made all this possible.

Choosing shoes to suit your feet

Fashionable footwear is notorious for causing foot problems but buying shoes online offers the opportunity to order several styles in different sizes, before trying them on in the comfort of your own home. Many online shoe shops offer free delivery and enticing discounts, encouraging customers to multiple pairs, before choosing the shoes which fit them the best.

Problem feet can be very hard to buy for but by knowing which foot-friendly design features to look for, finding the perfect shoes online should be relatively easy. Cheap shoes unfortunately tend to be uncomfortable as the poor finish and manmade materials can cause rubbing, which in turn leads to blisters. Buying comfortable shoes doesn’t necessarily mean having to spend a fortune but if you have problem feet it really is worthwhile spending as much as you can afford.

A number of comfort shoe brands have become incredibly popular, thanks to their designs which don’t compromise on style over comfort. Alegria, Mephisto, Panama Jack and Think! all make shoes which look and feel great, in designs that include a range of comfort features, including removable insoles, cushioned soles and super-soft linings.

Which online shoe shop?

There are countless online shoe shops and with so many to choose from, it can be incredibly difficult to decide where to order from. It is definitely worth shopping around so if you have a favourite brand, search for it online by name and compare the prices in different online shops, not forgetting to take postage costs and returns fees into consideration. One of the best I’ve come across is Cheerful Soles: they offer free delivery on all orders and because returning items to them is hassle-free, they really do make online shoe-shopping as easy as possible!

If you are in the UK it’s probably best to restrict your shoe shopping to UK-based sights as buying from overseas can incur hefty postage costs if you have to send something back. That said, if you’re buying a brand you are familiar with and you know are likely to fit, it can be well worth taking advantage of the often cheaper costs of buying from abroad.

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